What is the RHB Philosophy?

The RHB (Real Human Being) philosophy is a language of like-ability that allows us to break through self-imposed barriers and achieve personal and business success.

This intrinsic reward strategy is more powerful and will last longer than any "tips and tricks" you may have learned in the past.

Individuals have successfully used their RHB mindset for:

  • job-hunting
  • selling
  • networking for clients
  • corporate engagement
  • innovation
  • personal relationships.

Join us on this road trip to build the confidence you need to succeed by becoming part of the RHB Nation: a community of good guys and amazing women.

Dave Howlett explains the RHB concept by telling a great story about a friend:

Adi Treasurywala is a specialist in life-sciences technology commercialization. He was once invited to attend his company's annual conference in the United States. Adi's also what I call "a good guy" and somewhat modest. So when the conference organizer requested his professional credentials for his nametag, he asked that they just list his name. Adi was then reminded that the conference attendees were very conscious of titles and would judge him by his degrees. So he requested that his nametag read: "Adi Treasurywala, PhD, BSc, RHB."

During the conference, the company president swung by Adi's table, commenting that he did not recognize "RHB." "Real human being," Adi replied.

The name tag was the hit of the show.

You know that people are tribal by nature, and we are hard wired to surround ourselves with people who look and sound like us. We judge outsiders by their degrees, their occupation, their skin color, accent, religion, and even the type of car they drive. These self-imposed limitations affect our ability to connect with others and impact our personal and business goals.

Being an "RHB" tells others that you are just a real human being.

An RHB is approachable and not simply a product of a company or culture. When you see another RHB, you know that this person has the same "third-gear" philosophy. A point of commonality like this is a great connection, which may lead to the perfect job interview, sale or friendship.

Being an RHB also reminds us that we can be proud of our roots and heritage and still respect other people's roots and heritage.

Remember, you can't call yourself a "good guy" or an "amazing woman," but you can always act like one.

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